Uniting Americans of opposing political views to benefit

efforts both embrace.


WMI - Girl in well

Bringing Clean Water to Those in Need

Imagine turning on the faucet and filling your cup with a murky, brown liquid. The liquid likely con...
Lincoln Assassination at Ford's Theatre

Restoration of Ford’s Theatre

Ford’s Theatre is well known as the place where John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln. ...
National School Choice Week

Ted Cruz and Sheila Jackson Lee Demonstrate What LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch! Is All About

Last Saturday liberal Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee  joined forces with Republican Senator Ted Cruz ...
Healthcare Campaign Banner

Open Discussion: How Can We Create Safety Nets?

Let’s start by helping those with preexisting conditions. Imagine this: You are not properly insur...

Breaking Down Barriers to International Adoption

The number of international adoptions has plummeted to its lowest point in 15 years, a steep decline...
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